Conceived on Soul & Motown, raised on Nick Drake, Morrissey and John Martyn, Beth found her voice singing along to the divas of the 90’s…

These influences were given a healthy dash of Reggae & Ska in her late teens that resulted in a memorable fusion which Beth carries to her listeners today.

Singer, songwriter, Beth Prior had her beginnings as a self taught guitarist. At just sixteen, a friend handed her a guitar after she heard Beth singing and showed her a few chords. She fell in love instantly and bought her first guitar. Having pursued Afro-Brazilian Samba during a project in college, Beth's discovery of rhythm went hand in hand with how her guitar playing and songwriting developed. She began to play in a duo, The Daughters in 2005. Her skills were honed in front of audiences where she grew up as a performer and found her feet as an artist. During this time, she wrote and sessioned vocals for The Jangle Band, which was the lovechild of electro EDM producer 'Jangle'. Both the songs 'Leader's' and 'East to West' came from this time. She also did vocal work with The BC AllSkas with one of her songwriting contributions “In Fear” being very well received on BBC Introducing.

After moving to Shrewsbury from Bishops Castle in 2011, she began forging her career as a solo artist. The end of 2011 saw the release of Beth’s self-titled debut album. The single ‘Leaders’ received generous play on local and national radio. Later in 2013 ‘Autumn Song’ was pulled from the archives and made song of the month on BBC Introducing Shropshire.

Summer 2013 witnessed the birth of the ‘Nomad EP’ which was independently released in January 2014. The title track, saw Beth receiving great Kudos when out of 20,000 entries, industry giants Kipper Eldridge & Stuart Epps placed ‘Nomad’ in the grand final of the UK Songwriting Contest 2013. The Official video for ‘Nomad’ was launched in November 2014 and is expected to receive positive accolade. In early 2014 Beth toured the UK in support of ‘Nomad’ with Radio plays reaching audiences as far as Canada, Australia and the USA and she completed a successful Norwegian tour in late 2014.

"Little Acts of Kindness", her debut studio album was released last year on a successful UK tour. With mentions on BBC 6 music and her work being championed by BBC Introducing, the album has been well received.

This album sees Beth calling on all the experiences, flavours and fables that have graced her since completing her EP, Nomad. Touring ‘Nomad’ during 2014/15 introduced her to new audiences in new places and this studio album sees Beth redefine some older tracks and birth some entirely new ones, including the title track “Little Acts of Kindness”. Based on a true story about a day in her life where the little acts of kindness strangers made gave an everlasting impression on her life. Other happenings around that time got Beth to thinking about these tiny gestures, and the butterfly effect they have within our lives.

“I want to shine the light on the good in this world and the intention behind Little Acts of Kindness is to encapsulate all that good stuff. I've always admired people who stand up in protest of injustices and of course to an extent I am one of those people - especially in song, and I think we are moving into a place where so many of us are seeking solutions. If all us protesters became problem solvers we'd be looking at a very different world! I believe in an uprising of kindness. In the most simple way I can say it...I believe in little acts of kindness.” Beth Prior

Plenty of plans and juicy things have been going on behind the scenes in 2017 with a number of sellout gigs, festivals and amazing collaborations. Beth and all the team are looking forward to a busy and exciting 2018 with some new material heading your way soon! ;)