The Little Acts of Kindness Project was inspired by the song of the same name by Beth Prior. The song has created an avalanche of interest in doing something locally and spreading it global! So along with artist and writer Giselle Louise Ryan and film maker Aaron Child, Beth has moved the project forward into a reality.Up to this point, the project has been self funded, and when Beth's new album comes out, ALL proceeds from the single sales for "Little Acts of Kindness" will go directly to this project.


This is a project that will both reach out to people from ALL walks of life as well as allow people to choose with dignity, the times they need help and what exactly they need assistance with. This is not a new concept, the project was inspired by Beth's song and the song inspired by the little acts of kindness she'd been receiving. All of us running this project have experienced these same little acts of kindness and we're so excited to bring this model into the community which can make it easy to do what we all want to do!


Just a few of the things we have planned include "Love litter", "Coffee Kindness" "Kindness Kibble" and "The Gentleman's Dollar Cards". These yummies will be launched at two upcoming events: Beth Prior's Crowdfunder launch and Giselle's exhibition. We'll give you more details soon... in the meantime, check us out on facebook


Beth's chosen charity is The Big Busk, a free music festival held in the streets and venues of Shrewsbury every year. It was created by sisters Karen Higgins and Annie Hambley in memory of their brother Ben Bebbington, a musician, poet and artist, who was killed in 2012 in an unprovoked attack. Shrewsbury Ark helped Ben during his life and was very dear to his heart. The money raised will go to Shrewsbury Ark, a centre for homeless and vulnerable people in the town, who helped Ben during his life. The charity, very dear to Ben's heart relies almost entirely on charitable donations for its running and costs £120,000-a-year to keep it running.