Beth Prior and her 7-piece Collective are the result of what happens when Reggae, Folk, Dub and Ska meet. There are no half measures in their sound. Expect to be stirred and shaken by the band whilst you absorb the stories, humour & honesty in Beth's delivery.


Her eagerly awaited debut studio album "Little Acts of Kindness" is set for release 1st September 2016.


Beth and her collective will be on tour 19 – 24 September 2016.



Fiddlers Elbow, Doors 7.30pm


Green Door Store, Doors 7pm



Full Moon, Doors 7.30pm



The Cellars, Doors 7.30pm



Left Bank Bar, 9pm



Flaxivity at The Flaxmill Maltings

3pm with main event 7pm


With the minor delays going on in getting the album to you my, I decided to release one of the songs from the album! I've popped "Green Tea" on YouTube for your pleasure my beauties! Take care, Beth xxx


Check it out at:




Hello my lovelies! We had an awesome Crowdfunder launch on Sunday evening at Henry Tudor House! Absolutely epic! So many of you made it even with half term, fog and it being a Sunday night! Bonnie and Miri absolutely rocked! We were at full capacity and a brilliant night was had by all! Here's an awesome write up we had on the event:


"November 1st saw Beth Prior launch her crowdfunder campaign at the gorgeous Shrewsbury venue Henry Tudor House to help fund the recording and production of the album. The evening was a huge success with supporting artists Miri and Bonnie May setting the scene with their incredible performances for a stellar performance by Beth Prior. Her songwriting and stage antics had the room diving between raucous laughter, tears and every emotion in between. No person left the room untouched. There were plenty of merchandise giveaways that are available on the month long crowdfunder campaign.

The love in the room was palpable. The audience were universally shiny happy people, or maybe that was reflected off Beth Prior in her happy shiny way. The music was off the scale good. Beth and the two support acts, Miri and Bonnie May complemented each other incredibly well and that became clearly evident in the free styling that happened organically at the end. Miri was sensational. Her voice assaults your senses. It hits you like the way when you step outside on the coldest of winter mornings and the air catches the back of your mouth. Literally breathtaking. Bonnie May is seventeen. Seventeen! Boys this age who can kick a football well get lauded as modern day messiahs and paid a fortune. It seems wrong that someone so gifted isn't as well known. It will happen. No doubt. When she plays and sings you shouldn't be doing anything other than listening.

And Beth. Beth Prior is genuinely amazing. To have that much talent is almost obscene, but its lucky for everyone else that's it's found a home in someone who has a passion to share it, the skill to convey it and the presence to deliver it so well. So amazingly well. Beth Prior's performance at her Crowdfunder launch on Sunday evening was so good I felt sorry for everyone who wasn't there. It was so good I started to feel guilty for people I could have invited who weren't there. It was so good I felt guilty for not accosting people on the street and dragging them in. Sorry World, you missed out."


This month saw the launch of The Little Acts of Kindness Project. Inspired by the song of the same name by Beth, the song has created an avalanche of interest in doing something locally and spreading it global!

So along with artist and writer Giselle Louise Ryan and film maker Aaron Child, Beth has moved the project forward into a reality.


We've all had our own little experiences of needing help. And we're pretty good at asking for help aren't we? Well... maybe sometimes... This is a project that will both reach out to people from ALL walks of life as well as allow people to choose with dignity, the times they need help and with what exactly.

The art of asking is tricky and we'd like to make it simple for everyone involved.

This is not a new concept, the project was inspired by Beth's song and the song inspired by the little acts of kindness she'd been receiving. All of us running this project have experienced these same little acts of kindness and we're so excited to bring this model into the community which can make it easy to do what we all want to do!

One thing I've loved about social media is the Little acts of kindness we're all sharing. The love that people, who are in need themselves... who lack, show each other, the generosity of the human spirit. Stories of people who are already going without, giving where they see a need and others seeing this and sharing, which in turn inspires others to help that person. Each act is full of empathy, generousity and selflessnes.

Let's spread Little Acts of Kindness!

"Find someone who has what you lack"

Up to this point, the project has been self funded, and when Beth's new album comes out, ALL proceeds from the single sales for "Little Acts of Kindness" will go directly to this project and her two chosen charities. The Shrewsbury Ark and Refugees START.


Check out our facebook page, LIKE us and SHARE SHARE SHARE! 


Beth will be touring in support of 'Little Acts of Kindness'. Dates and venues to be confirmed. Please contact us if you'd like to make a booking