A GIFT TO YOU: "Green Tea"

A little gift sits waiting for you in the world of YouTube. A little gift that says... "thanks for waiting, thanks for being patient, check it out and you'll see it's all worth it!" An amazingly tight schedule between the hugely successful crowdfunder, recording, mixing and mastering. Something had to give, and something gave! Recording went well (a little time hiccup due to pesky viruses) meant the files were sent a little late to be mastered in the US by the incredible Carl Saff www.saffmastering.com. A few drafts were sent back and forth with delays etc due to time zones, we missed our digital release deadline. BUT... this is good! It's meant Beth and Will Barnes (producer) have spent more time on perfecting this most amazing debut album! And... it also means she's giving you a pre-release listen to one of the tracks from the album (Little Acts of Kindness)! It's one you may already know. Check it out at: https://youtu.be/m8qud_Uhwn0

#greenttea #littleactsofkindness #bethprior #patronsoftheunderground #ska #reggae #folk #crowdfunder #debutalbum #mastering #produced

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