TOUR 2016


'TOUR' [tʊə]


  1. a journey for pleasure in which several different places are visited:

  1. "Troopin around in one or more vehicles like a bunch of misgriants"


      synonyms: excursion · journey · expedition · trip · jaunt · outing ·

      shenanigans · mission · voyage · trek ·


      • a short trip to or through a place in order to view or inspect something:

        "We saw many things whilst on tour, things tht stay on tour."

        synonyms: visit · inspection · guided tour (drunk) · walk round ·(lost)

        survey (Where's the food?)· mootch (sly pint)· ramble (band exercise)

      • a journey made by performers, in which they perform or play in several different places:

      • “The Collective and the whole tribe toured relentlessly for a week solid, much was gained, much was lost. That is the nature of the tour”

      • Thankfully the Collective didn't drive themselves to the different places they were booked to play. Google maps doesn't support musicians timing”


Ya know I can barely get my head around what's gone on in the past couple of weeks...But now I've had a week to let it all simmer, what I can tell you is that my heart doesn't know what to do with all the raw, beautiful and very real love i'm feeling off the back of this tour. <3


I've so many people to thank that i'm not sure where to even begin...but I want to start by thanking every single person who gave their time and love on stage and behind the scenes. You are pure gold.


The tour couldn't have happened without the relentless passion and hardwork of the people who create magic in the shadows. So everyone should really hear me when I say that without 'The Nomad Four' this whole operation wouldn't have happened.


'Nomad Four' I hear you saying... What's that???

This clan is the brain power, management and getting shit done part of the Beth Prior Collective. The ones sending ridiculous amounts of emails, securing interviews, creating and sending press packs and pretty much building the stage for me and the others to play on. Will and Zoe, Giselle and me. Two couples, all creatives, two muso's, three of them significantly more organised than me ;)


I'm sure a lot of you have heard me refering to Will as my M.D (musical director) and whilst he wears that title like a boss, he has spread himself super thin on this tour doing a lot of admin and tour planning in theearly stages. A group of people can plot and plan all day but eventually the musicians need to get their head into the tunes...when me and Will needed to do that we were fortunate enough to be able to hand over to two of the most incredible ladies ever. I'm sure I speak for both myself and Will when I say we are luckiest humans to have you both, proffesionally and personally. If I actually listed all you guys have done this would turn into one hell of an essay!


A couple of days before we were due to leave for the first show, the tour-bus broke!!! #StressCentral but like an absolute bunch'o'bosses the team got their heads together to try and fix the situation by calling in even more acts of kindness!! Special shout out to Cindy & the Lfest Crew for lending us the crew car and a HUGE load of love to our 'Tour-de-Force' - Emma & Reanda...You guys kept us truckin' on SO many levels. Thankyou Soooooo much. We could have done with cloning you as you did the job of four people!!!

(and btw - I know we are a nightmare to get moving in the morning! -#sorry) Falling asleep way beyond tired, chuckling about absurd shit is one of many memories i'll hold dear forever. #BlessTimes I giggle everytime I tag #LesbianMafia and I'm reminded that ALL the guys in the collective are straight where us girls are ALL; “Queer as Fuck” <3



To Zoe and Will for letting all 10 of us decend on your house and for making it an absolute haven in the mania! You guys are incredible! Your ability to feed the five thousand so well deserves a trophy! #tastyshizzle


To my main man and musical director Will Barnes, my incredible Collective... Iam utterly blessed to have you guys on and off stage. You are the sum and colour by which my dreams have come to life. I'm honoured to be surrounded by such astute, talented and proffessional nut cases ;)



The launch tour, although only one week long was the culmination of months and months of work and energy and considering we are a very well put together grassroots operation, it was a huge success! I honestly can't put into words how much blood, sweat and tears went into bringing it all together I'm still exhausted a week later but, I'd start planning the next leg straight away if I could!!!


All the shows had there own character & charm and something a friend said resonated strongly... “its the same gig...its just that the scenary changes” - between different venues and towns, with little or some sleep this was a solid and helpful truth.



2016 so far feels like the epitome of highs and lows...very similar to a speaker who's had the mid cone bashed in...Thankfully the music is full of tone and for that i'm so grateful... Whist on tour, life goes on, waves crash, babies are born and sadly people are taken from us far too soon.


I'd like to dedicate this blog to My love Giselle, and my talented friend Tia who both lost someone dear to them. It was heartbreaking...Because of the tour neither of them could truly grieve. It was heartbreaking because I couldn't be with my partner to hold her in her grief and I was fully present to witness Tia's heart breaking.


Its safe to say we are a family. We are a tribe. I fucking love you ALL.



Beth and her collective will be on tour 19–24 September 2016



Fiddlers Elbow, Doors 7.30pm


Green Door Store, Doors 7pm



Full Moon, Doors 7.30pm



The Cellars, Doors 7.30pm



Left Bank Bar, 9pm



Flaxivity at The Flaxmill Maltings

3pm with main event 7pm


SHREWSBURY-Flaxivity(Flaxmill Maltings)SY1 2SZ

As part of Beth's UK tour, The Collective take over 'Flaxivity', an indoor skate park & youth club for this very special and unique event to deliver not only Beth's Homecoming gig & final night of her UK Tour, but an 8hr event of beats, rhymes, tunes, and chill time from the very best in local talent. In the true spirit in which 'Little Acts of Kindness' was born, this event will be a community driven one, bringing the very best local creatives together for what promises to be a beautifully self-contained event of mystery, magic, bubbles & mayhem like no other! Working in partnership with THE BIG BUSK, Beth Prior and her “Kindness Crew” aim to bring together the community for a fun day and evening and to raise funds for a cause very close to Beth's heart.


Beth was one of the first musicians to answer the call put out several years ago by the Big Busk organisers Karen Higgins and Annie Hambley, and their relationship has grown from strength to strength over these years as they've shared little acts of kindness with each other, the local community and far beyond.


“It's beautiful to see such a tragic situation turn into something full of love, kindness and beauty. The Big Busk is dear to my heart and a cause I will always find time for.”

Beth Prior 2016


And to top it all off, BBC Introducing Shropshire will be broadcasting LIVE from the event on Saturday 24th September!!


Tickets Limited. 3pm Start. Food Vendors & Bar available on site. 3-7pm Only £5 - Full Day/Eve £10 - Under 10's free with accompanying adult. Special Guest support @ 8pm Beth Prior + Collective @ 9pm DJ' s + VJ's till 11pm.

Direct ticket link to Shrewsbury event... (tickets will be availabe on the door, but we suggest you buy in advance to save disappointment...

Afternoon 3pm-7pm

We're showcasing local talent at this special event that we're running in conjunction with The Big Busk - raising funds for a local homeless chartity, Shrewsbury Ark. Our performers have given their time for free to perform, so let's give them the support and kudos they deserve!


Modern 4 piece folk ensemble, assembled from the furthest reaches of the old empire, mainly based in and around Shropshire. 


A brand new ensemble featuring Emma Linney, Jonathan Bannister & Benedict Johnson. Formed in Shrewsbury and ready to rock!


On tour with Beth Prior, we've found space for this formidible artist who deserves much accolade!


Shrewsbury based duo, working together for the past 3 years, performing an eclectic mix of songs by artists from Etta James to Paolo Nutini. classic sensitive ballads to contemporary funk-edged pop, with tinges of folk, jazz and the blues, in their own soulful style.


Solo bass with sonorous grooves, elegant chords and celestial melodies.


Vocals and keys - amazing velvety voice! Very new to the scene and currently studying at Music and Education student at Manchester Met University - one to be watched!


One of our two very young performers! They've been very active with The Big Busk, doing the 24 hour marathon! Made up of Louis and Tom on the guitar and cajon, based in Shropshire. Find out more at


The youngest of our perfomers is Raizedupp - both 13 years old!! Guitar and cajon. Opening the whole event - no pressure then? ;)

Evening 7pm-11pm

The evening, of course is headlined by our very own Beth Prior and her collective! She has three incredible support acts and also the incredible light show that Andy McKeown installs that brings any space to life! We're in for an absolute treat - shenanigans, reggae, lights, awesome talent...


"Folky Reggae Fuelled Gypsy Soul" Beth Prior and her collective will finish their tour in Shrewsbury, Beth's hometown. She's especially looking forward to this gig and ready to let her hair down!


Zara Sykes was born and raised in Birmingham (United Kingdom). She began writing songs/poems at the age of 9 years old. Zara Sykes has been rap’in since the age of 10 and clearly has no intention of slowing down. 


Having been in the industry for over ten years, Dai Robs is a formidable talent and we're honoured to have him for the event! Check out his new album released earlier this year: 


A Cardiff performer with the energy of a 5 year old! This boy can get any crowd vibed and ready! We've been fortunate to have him on the whole tour! Check him out:


Bringing the night to a close in the best way possible is DJ Buzzword! Recently seen on BBC Introducing it's DJ Buzzword!